Friday, June 30, 2006


One of the most refreshing things is the calm of a summer night after a particularly scorching hot day when you've been baked by the sun and your skin is red in places. I'm remembering being exhausted by activities in the heat outside that you never noticed as needing effort to participate in, and the feeling of fresh sheets and cooler air coming in through an open window make lying and staring at the moon's glow in a dark bedroom fulfilling unto itself.

All the kids had left. My brother was sound asleep on the sofa in my uncle's living room, you don't move him when he's out because it's just not possible. Chuck was probably playing Atari up in his room, and the girls, well, they were somewhere out of my thoughts for the moment.

That day it was as if the adults didn't exist and we had rewrote the Lord of the Flies so that everyone in the world that we liked and who liked us spent time wasting the hours of our summer, free from pressing thoughts, or prejudice, or judgment. I couldn't speak for the older of our set, but being twelve has the benefit of naiveté and wide eyed bumbling was forgiven for the most part.

There was the noise of the summer bugs outside. The moon was almost full granting anybody who cared supernatural night vision powers, relieving the little bedroom of it's electricity addiction. If I listened hard enough I could hear my brother sleeping down the hall, and the sheets were luxurious if even my subtle sun burn made me lie a little more on my right than my left.

I was drifting off to sleep when I heard a knock at the door, a soft knock, one designed to awaken someone with their ear to the wood and not people sleeping at the other end of the house. Since I could hear my brother snoring I wondered who else would be down here, this was the spare room and nobody else was billeted here.

"Yes?" I asked, but I didn't get up.

"It's Hill, can we come in?". Hillary opened the door and peaked in. Her face was questioning and illuminated by the only the moon. She looked at me through the crack in the door with it ajar.

I nodded.

Hillary and Melanie slinked through the crack in the door without making a sound. Without making the floor boards creak as if they knew where every audible land mine was in this particular section of the floor. They both sat on the bed next to me. It was a queen sized bed, so there was plenty of room. Hillary sat up at the head, and Melanie sat down by my feet, both still with one leg on the floor.

"Hey Jeddy, we were just talking and we wanted to know if you were in love with Mel here."

My stomach dropped. If it were a little hotter I would have instantly started sweating. I considered my two options, one was to make a break for the door, the other was to bust through the open window and run to Barry's house where I could hide from my guilty truth. It was typically a damning and pointed question because in as much as a twelve and a half year old could imagine the concept of love, I was hopelessly and utterly under the spell of that girl sitting at the end of the bed. Had I not been tanned and a little sun blemished, my adolescent blushing would have betrayed my feelings like an untrained Jedi apprentice being interviewed by Darth Vader.

"ugh, that's stupid!" My voice was pathetic.

In my mind I'm surrounded by three rolling rings and the judges of Krypton were larger than life on gigantic video screens around me. One of the judges was Brando, and they were all speaking in turn.

"guilty" My heart beat faster.

"GUILTY" This time louder.

It's something I think of often, when the script doesn't match the scene but you do the scene the way the director tells you like you're reading porn to a baby in that voice that calms anyway, and if the script is as crap as it feels reciting it then they'd ADR over you and your body language will complete the scene anyway.

She knew my lying all too well, she'd studied my boy mannerisms since I was almost five years old. Her brain was far superior to mine, and her cunning was already semi-adult in it's development.

My tenseness must have betrayed me first because she reached out and slapped my bare chest with a loud smack. The impact was amplified by my mild sunburn and it hurt like a bitch. I rubbed my skin as Hillary leaned in and stared at me for an agonizing few seconds of threatening silence.

I realized even more so at that moment that the escape option was impossible. Both her and Melanie were my size, perhaps stronger, and they were between me and the door. My aunt and uncle were in the safe zone at the other end of the house, but they were probably asleep. I'm sure even if I could get free of their girly defensive line, they'd take me down enroute like a pair of lionesses taking down a gazelle buck.

No, I had to face this.

"oh honey, it's ok, don't make me slap you again. Just tell the truth sweetie." She sounded maternal, but her eyes were devilish.

"You want to kiss Melanie so bad don't you baby?"

I hated her, my cousin, she was pushing my embarrassment meter through the roof and I was physically prevented from avoiding her torture and mentally too deficient to defend myself. Strange as it was, my terrorized cortex had directed energy elsewhere, perhaps it was confused because as well as being the angry captive, I was starting to become aroused.

I looked at Melanie, she was looking at my chest where Hillary has slapped me, or at my stomach or elsewhere. Then I looked back at Hillary. She stared right into that private part of my mind where all of the dirty little secrets were. I could feel Hillary prying into containers that I'd hoped were watertight. Those containers held the deepest darkest information about my boyish desires. They held desires that even I didn't understand but which I was sure that if she could taste them she'd be able to use them to consume me.

I stared back more intensely at Hillary, pleading with my eyes.

"I am telling the tru..." Before I could finish, Hillary's cat like reflexes had reached out and put my nipple between her thumb and forefinger and she twisted hard. She smiled out as if she was revealing something.

With an upturned inflexion in her voice, "you're lying butt face".

I think the slow encroachment of my sexual arousal had finally made an impact because I could feel my penis start to stiffen. There is nothing so obvious as the state of sexual excitement in a toned muscular boy wearing only boxers. Even at half mast my penis was making an unnatural mound out of the cotton covering my groin and quite unlike watching the development of grass, from Melanie's position she could not help but notice it's sudden growth.

"Oh, my goodness!"

As if we were the same animatronic dolls in some demented circus ride, Hillary and I both craned our necks towards Melanie who was staring intently at my groin that was bobbing up and down in it's steady growth towards full surgation.

Melanie did not avert her stare but remained fixated on my crotch, "it's bigger than Steve's". She had a sense of wonder in her voice that did not help my state any.

"I want to take a peek." She said.

They were faster than me because they anticipated my flight before I had a chance to execute the plan. Before I'd begun to lift myself from the bed Hillary had pinned my arms with her knees and straddled my chest where she'd slapped and pinched me. Melanie had quickly sat on my thighs holding down my lower half.

They were sat like two boy crazy girly perverts on a tandem bicycle, only I was the bicycle and it seems the subject of Melanie's ride was my inner tube.

As scared as I was, I was also understanding that this was probably the most excited I'd been since they released the second set of Star Wars action figures a torturously long two years earlier. Despite the obviousness of my twelve and a half year old penis being not mature and adult as it might have been had I already reached fifteen like these two pedophiliac nymphs, it was still a decent size.

The terror subsided and I could feel Hillary's hands in my hair holding my head down and it was not a bad thing. I was enjoying her fingers combing over my scalp. My eyes were suddenly drawn to the sight of Hillary's little bald pubic mound sitting adroitly on my sternum. She wore no underwear under her long t-shirt and in her effort to jump on me that shirt had ridden up just a enough to afford me a peek at where the two folds of her opening met. It was a beautiful thing to see, and my panicked squirming only served to let her rub her opening over my chest causing the two sides of her lips to roll alternately together and apart.

Melanie had since she sat on my legs started handle my cock through my boxers. She was measuring it's size with her hands. For all it could be, she was caressing my shaft and little balls like she was massaging the back of a kitten's head and it felt sublime.

Melanie looked at Hillary's back still holding my covered tent with one hand and said, "I think it IS bigger than Steve's".

I didn't know who Steve was, I didn't care.

Hillary looked over her shoulder and even though I'd stopped squirming as soon as the sensation of Melanie's hand stroking my dick had paralyzed me, she still continued to roll her little hairless vagina and clitoris over my bare chest arching her back a little to get a better angle.

Slightly out of breathe Hillary said, "take it out and see then"

Melanie put her fingers under the elastic of my boxers and pulled the front down. She then gripped my cock with both hands and squeezed it lightly. She then gave me my first real jolt of physical sexual ecstasy. It was already wet from my own lubrication and she didn't seem to mind as she started stroking it up and down getting her fingers under the head and making a ring around the base of the shaft with her spare hand.

"Yup, Hills, he's three years younger and his dick feels bigger than Steve's to me".

Without realizing it I let out a groan of pleasure. Melanie was still pistoning my dick as she looked around Hillary who was still rolling her crotch on me. Melanie stared at me taking my gaze from Hillary's pussy directly into her blue eyes.

"Does that feel good baby?" Melanie spoke in a soft motherly voice.

Her suddenly searching eyes looked gray in the moon light, and her lips pursed together. Her nostrils flared, and someone put my reality on slow motion. Right then with all of my resistance was totally gone. That strange feeling I had welling up between my butt and the base of my shaft was shooting sensations up my spine like a bag of fireflies threatening to burst. The sensation started to solidify in the base of my skull.

Then while still staring into her eyes I felt Melanie's smile merge with the love I felt for her in that moment. Her stroke became firmer and as she started a twisting motion in her grip I felt her immediately force pump my first real ejaculation into her hands.


Blogger evilangel said...

I love how one word chases another and in one breath I am at the end of the post. Life is always complicated, even for 12 year olds. We are just more or less equipped.

4:09 PM  
Blogger robmcj said...

My cousin tried to come in my room too, and I kept her out, then told her parents the next morning. What an idiot!

12:56 AM  
Blogger Memoirs of a Sheila said...

You're a smooth writer alright. Are you an actor or a "production hitman" - what is that anyway ?

J, I've been doing Jillian Michael's kick boxing tape and running and doing special lunges. What do the try hard, LA actor girls do to look so hot ? Body and otherwise.


7:23 AM  
Blogger J said...

Evil.. thanks, the fact is that I find life lyrical most times so I just apply that feeling when I write.

Rob.. I don't suggest you go back and make up for lost time, but think about what could have been and have that replace your memory... no regrets ;-)

JBJ.. hahaha, LA girls, there's four different types, not sure which one you want to be... suspect it's one of those resisting the urge to eat their feelings away. Most people are on the zone diet, and they train... we got 24 hour gyms, makes life a lot easier.

As for what I do, well that might come out more some time later but it's pretty obvious if you read back on some posts.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Memoirs of a Sheila said...

I am so horny. Can your next post lack credibility ? Can it be about and imaginary girl and what you want to do to her ? eg: written in the present tense, and then I touch her in x place, I bend her over and give it to her like x.

I am really frisky. My vagina is starting to twitch and go into spasms


Jonesy xoxoxoxo

8:47 AM  
Blogger Master Enigma said...

well written.

10:33 AM  

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