Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The kitchen

The living room was mostly deep earth tones, reds, browns, and some subtle yellows washing together. The windows were floor to ceiling, the drapes parted just enough to allow streams of afternoon sunlight penetrate the veil and let the furniture augment it's coloring with the warmth outside. The whole apartment smelled like her bedroom which was airborne with her perfumes and pheromones, just the right allocation of clutter and neatness to suggest a sane mind and a healthy state of flux.

It took every part of my willpower upon entering her bedroom not to strip down naked and lie in her bed rubbing my permanent erection on her bed sheets. If I had, then they would quickly be soiled, owned, and then for me to drift off into sleep under the assault of the aroma of this woman's every day existence. It felt like paradise, her bedroom, altogether too erotic to stand alone and maintain my auto-erotical abstinence lest I save it for her to return from her day working. So I followed the ebb of her scent trail and put myself in her living room where the sunlight and soft colors created more of a relaxed feeling. In her living room, pictures of a fit old man sat on the side table eyeing me from three different pottery barn-like frames.

I fell asleep on her sofa and dreamed that I was eight years old, the day my father took me to adopt a puppy. This time we were not in my Dad's truck but in my jeep. It wasn't my father who was driving me, it was the man in the pictures who watched me while I slept who took me. In my dream he spoke like Ricardo Montalban. He informed me that raising a pet took patience and dedication, and for some reason their every whim had to be satisfied or he'd be angry. My dog from my childhood was also in my dream. We took her from the ugly shelter and as soon as we arrived at my jeep the dog took the car keys in her front paws. The old man from Estella's pictures was gone and the dog sat in the drivers seat and proceeded to drive me across town. She explained in soft barks how I am wasteful with my gas mileage, and it all somehow made sense to me at the time.

I awoke with a the sound of a click and a door opening. I was surprisingly awake for being just out of a complex dream, although I was unsure exactly how long I'd been asleep. I could have been out of REM for an hour. From across the tile floor came the tapping of heels and then keys jingling. A shadow crossed the shaft of light coming from the hallway and into her kitchen. I was not seen because I was flat out on the sofa.

Standing up, I stretched and walked barefoot into the hallway and peaked around the corner. She was standing in front of the granite kitchen island surrounded by cherry cabinets and dark stone. Because the kitchen had no windows, just the light from her dining room windows streamed in from the far side.

There was enough illumination to see her form with her back to me standing not six feet away. She wore her little jeans fitted to her slim butt creating just enough hang to fill out it's petite proportions. Her ass firmly gripped and owned the seam down the center and that seam disappeared between her cheeks as it curved under her. She wore a dark gray athletic sweater over her coat hanger shoulders that was zipped down the front and with a hoody. She was complete with red stripes down the arms.

Her hair was up in a bun and even in this light I could make out the subtle muscles of her neck extending her head forward so she could read the mail she'd obviously just collected.

I stepped forward and because I had no shoes I made no sound on the tile floor. She didn't hear me move until I was right behind her. As I was a lot wider, and taller than she, I wrapped one arm around her and put my hand in to where her top was unzipped and felt for her right breast. I put the other arm around her, raised my hand up and grabbed her under the chin, thumb and forefinger on either side of her neck. I then titled her head to the right bit her on exposed section of her jugular without any real pressure so she could feel my teeth and circled my tongue around on the flesh between my lips.

She instantly tensed up in shock, then relaxed with a deep exhale and sank into my grip, the mail dropping to the floor.

I nuzzled up to her ear and breathed, I could feel her heart increase it's rhythm and her nipple stiffen as I massaged her breast.

"You should be careful who you let in your home miss", I whispered into her ear, not really sure if it was menacing enough.

"oh no, what will you do tooo me Senor?" Her voice was more childlike than usual, an affect that made my already erect penis throb as I used my hips to push it up against her butt wedging her little body between me and the kitchen island.

"I'm going to rip your clothes off and make you lose your mind in ecstasy"

She moaned and wiggled her hips up and down firmly lodging my erection between against her firm behind, "noooooo" she whelped, "and then what?".

"Then when your body has totally given up the fight and I own you, I'm going to fuck you and inject you with every ounce of cum I have".

"no, you cannot", her little girl voice was tainted with her accent, pronouncing "cannot" in a way I can't describe that made me almost lose all patience. She pretended to try to escape but I held her with my left arm grasping her breast and my hips holding her firm against the island.

Relaxing my grip on her neck I reached down and unzipped her top all the way, then unbuttoned her jeans. The fly zipped open on it's own and I slid my hand in between her legs. We'd backed up a little from the island and were now standing in the middle of the kitchen.

She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her jeans and pulled them off her hips as I slid my hand under the elastic of her little white satin thong placing my finger on her clitoris. She bucked forward to get her jeans off her ass, which then fell bare flesh with just the little T of her thong in the small of her back onto my crotch in perfect position where she continued her up and down faux struggle to escape.

With one finger playing around her entrance, this was the wettest I'd ever felt her. Her panties were saturated. She moved one hand down and held it over the mine lodged between her legs. Then she reached around and unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor, I was not wearing underwear and now my rock hard shaft was feeling her bare ass ride the ridge on the underside. This was almost unbearable, and it was probably only the concentrating on keeping my finger on the bud of her clitoris that kept me from blowing my load all over her back there and then.

Without warning and in a deft move, she reached forward over the island and grabbed one of the carving knives that sat neatly arranged. Pulling forward in the same motion she swung around, which served to detach our embrace and held the knife at me.

"Now mister, you do what I say".


Blogger emma said...

I do not believe you are gay, so where does that leave us?

9:15 PM  
Blogger Desireous said...

Loved this one!

"Then when your body has totally given up the fight and I own you, I'm going to fuck you and inject you with every ounce of cum I have". Loved this line!


9:59 AM  
Blogger Memoirs of a Sheila said...

best eurotic lit I've ever read.

3:09 AM  

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