Thursday, May 18, 2006


I noticed that she really didn't weigh that much.

I traced the line up the middle of her stomach muscles with my eyes. Her waist was tight and drawn in and her chest was just a bit bigger. I had both nipples of her small c-cups between my middle two fingers, both hands cupped them perfectly. They were natural, they were fantastic, her nipples were stiff and felt great between my fingers. Her breathing pushed her breasts out as she moved.

Every third breathe she looked down at my face. Her lips were flush and swollen. With every exhale she made soft little moans. Her hair was tossed around behind her in the breeze, and she rocked back and forward with her super tight ass sitting on my pelvis grinding.

She picked up the pace, moved one hand over her stomach and put a finger to her clitoris. My eyes followed the motion of her hand and saw the base of my penis, which looked amazingly wide with her petit vagina completely engulfing it.

With every back and forward motion I lost concentration and was overcome by the intense elation of her body wrapped around my dick. She was milking it using a combination of superbly tuned vaginal muscles, the rocking back and forward, and her burning gaze.

Deep inside her, I could feel what felt like her whole body grip the head of my penis, washing over the top, nuzzling up under the head, grazing ever so slightly the lip of the helmet. She started an up and down motion combined with the with back and forward action and I strained to contain myself. As her grip slid over my shaft, she became much wetter. Her inner muscles were sealed tight over the head of my dick polishing it as she pumped me up and down and backwards and forwards.

She timed her movements perfectly, calibrating with her arousal, and started to match my breathing with hers. The sensation was amazing, and she looked at me with her soft brown eyes, smiled briefly, and nodded at me.

Her moaning then got a little louder, and her grinding intensified. She switched to less up and down and more forward and backwards. I could feel her butt on my balls, and her grip oscillated more regularly and more often.

"Cum now baby", she looks down at me with an ecstatic grin.

I knew I was holding out and also she knew I was holding out. It felt great, she was great. I enjoyed every part of meeting her and spending time with her. I also knew I didn't want to cum this way just yet so I prepared to defy her command.

Just then her vaginal grip tightened like a vice, her weight was fully on my hips and kept me firmly held inside her. She leaned back and snaked a hand between my legs and squeezed my balls in the most fantastic way. I'm still not sure what she did, but as she spasmed on top of me, as her eyelids part way closed, her nostrils flared, her grunting started, her super tight vagina spasmed around my dick, and her hand pumped my balls in the most exquisite manner.

I thrust up involuntarily and my grip on her breasts tightened as I ejaculated what felt like a gallon of semen into her. I must have orgasmed for a good fifteen seconds, hers lasted much longer.

It took a good five minutes of her slumped over me for after shocks to subside and with my flaccid dick still partly inside her I just started to be concerned if she was on the pill or not.


Blogger WDKY said...

Hmmmm... just added you to my blogroll, Jed, and it looks like a good post to begin to comment on!!

I've experienced the ball trick many times when partners have decided it's about time I came. One girl who I had a long and intense relationship with had it down to a fine art, and my heart would beat a little faster each time her hand snaked down behind her.

Now, about the pill thing...

1:13 AM  
Anonymous jedleland said...

Yeah, the pill thing.

That's probably worthy of it's own topic, it's a wierd situation at best.

7:16 AM  
Blogger mollymcmommy said...

oh my, the pill thing crossed your mind just after?
guess you don't mind a little jed or even a little herpes at this point.


9:02 AM  

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